About Connie

Hi!  Love to travel!  Love to experience new cultures, foods, restaurants, communities, cities, parks.  Love the outdoors.  Love the wind in my hair, the sun on my face, love beauty.  When I travel, I want to see how people live in other cultures and other parts of the USA.  I love to experience their communities as they would.  Almost everything is interesting to me, every nuance, every color, every style, just to explore and see and do.  So let’s go travel.

3 thoughts on “About Connie

  1. Kirk

    Pick up a copy of Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire. It is a classic book about protecting western desert wilderness. Abby was an original thinker and his thinking inspired a lot of organizations. He wasn’t kind to our travel-trailer culture, but don’t take that personally. It will give you a glimpse of another point of view with no apologies.


  2. Connie

    Totally agree. With all the adventures the entire family enjoyed outdoors, I am sure it is in the genes to love to travel, see new things, experience nature. You go, Mom. Stand up for what you know and set us straight. We are pretty fortunate to have the heritage we have, not only with you and Dad, but both sets of grandparents and Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Denny and their families, Uncle Snook and his family.


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